Disclaimer Details

Eazy Parts is not responsible in any manner for loss of data, crash, downtime and failure of the system. At times, Eazy Parts may resell certain tools, software and programmes used by use but not developed by us. We are also not accountable for the utilization of client's account in any manner. In case the terms and conditions are not followed in the prescribed manner, they are likely to deactivated without any futher discussion. The deletion or deactivation of account will solely be related to the terms set by Eazy Partsfor which no intimation or correspondence of any matter is required. At the same time, Eazy Parts reserves the right to change and modify these guidelines, policies at any point of time without notifications in advance of any sort.

Legal Action

Any legal dispute or legal action relating to Eazy Partscan be filed at Navi Mumbai.  In case of abuse, physical harrasement, threat, termination of the contract can take place along with a levy of $200 as a penalty under the jurisdiction of Navi Mumbai Jurisdiction.  Eazy Partsis not responsible for wrong content, images and information uploaded on the client's website/advertisement/graphic design/online advertisement and print media is any manner, if they are uploaded by the client.